Monday, May 18, 2009

Yet another Girl's Weekend

I always love it when my friends come to visit. :) Sally and Melissa came to spend the weekend with me. As usual, we stayed up way too late talking and catching up Friday night. I am sure that Jason had to put the pillow over his head to get any sleep due to all the laughter coming from the living room. :) I enjoyed getting to hear stories about each of them and what they have been up to. Of course we shopped til we dropped again and enjoyed some delicious Italian food. I can't wait until the next girl's weekend! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Baby Shower

Jason, my grandmother, and I drove down to my parent's house for Meagan's Baby Shower and for Mother's Day. We had a great weekend with lots of quality time with my family and great food. Moma always cooks so good when we go home. Good thing I don't live too close or I would be twenty pounds heavier. :) Unfortunately, I we didn't get any pictures with my moma on Mother's Day. I think we were all tired of taking pictures at the baby shower. :)
Although we still have a little over a month before Alleigh arrives, she is already being treated like royality. :) At the shower, Meagan and Alleigh (and Jeb) received lots of precious outfits and useful items and Alleigh was constantly being referred to by everyone as "our baby." :) Now the problem is 'where is it all that stuff going to go?' Her due date is still July 10th, but we are all betting on an early arrival. Meagan says Alleigh is constantly moving and kicking as to say, "let me out, I need more room!" Here are some pictures from the shower.
Meagan and her cute baby bump

The diaper cake my moma made to look like a ballerina

Me, Michaela (Meagan's little sister), and Meagan

My cousin Candice, her little girl, Camryn, and my Mamaw

This is the 'angel wreath' I made for the hospital door

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jeb and Meagan (and Alleigh)

Although I am not able to see Jeb and Meagan as much as I would like, I have to be thankful for digital cameras and email to stay updated on Meagan's sweet growing belly. I am getting more and more excited about the arrival of Alleigh in July...or sooner. Something about this picture (that was taken at Easter) makes me think that Alleigh may not wait until July to make her debut. :) Can you believe that Meagan still has two more months to the hot summer months? Bless her heart! :)