Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tori!!!

I just want to wish my sweet friend Tori a very Happy Birthday! I hope that you have had a wonderful day and many more great ones to come!! Love ya girl!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations Scott and Emily Melichar

Jason and I had a great time this past weekend at our friends', Scott and Emily's, wedding. Their wedding was beautiful and they make a great couple. They are going to be our 'across the railroad tracks' neighbors. We look forward to hanging out with them more when they return from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Congratulations you two!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

F is for...

I just have to tell everyone where Jason took me for our Anniversary last Tuesday. First of all, he showed up at the door all dressed up with flowers in his hand at 5:00. We put the flowers in vase, put the suitcase in the car, and headed out the door. I wasn't real sure where we were going, but I had a little bit of an idea. :) We ended up in downtown Memphis at the Peabody. YEAH! I had never stayed there before. Jason reserved a room for us there and had also made reservations for us at Texas de Brazil. We checked in our room and headed down to eat. And boy...did we eat!!! If you have never eaten at Texas de Brazil, I highly recommend it for a special occasion. We were so stuffed and decided we needed to take a little walk downtown. After walking a while, we ended up at Jillian's, which is like a big game room. We totally acted like kids again playing skee ball, virtual bowling, and air hockey. We had such a wonderful time and I couldn't have asked for a better Anniversary. Thanks Jason!!! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

E is for...

Today is mine and Jason's 2nd Anniversary. I couldn't have asked for a more romantic husband. He is so sneaky and creative when it comes to surprises for me. :) Let me just start from last night...He told me that he forgot to get me a card and he needed to go to Wal-Mart. I told him not to worry about it...all I needed was a "Happy Anniversary" from his mouth and that would be great. Well this morning he left to go to work, or so I thought, and then ran back to the door, rang the doorbell about a hundred times until I came to the door, and gave me a card. He is such a sneaky little devil. He already had a card in his truck. :) I sat down and read the sweetest card from him. Inside the card was a handwritten note with instructions for me. #1 - Pack an overnight bag for both of us. He also told me he knew what I was thinking (...but we have to work tomorrow) and he took care of that. #2 - Be ready by 5:15 - dressed for a nice dinner and a romantic evening and #3 - Leave all worries behind, have on my lovely smile, and be ready to enjoy the night with my husband of 2 years. He also added a P.S. - No questions and no snooping around. Boy does he know me. :) I am truly blessed with such a wonderful husband! I will have to post later where he took me. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

D is for...

My very sweet DADDY!

Where do I start about my Harley riding Daddy? He is everything a little girl and a grown girl could want in a father. He is a very dedicated, loving, cheerful, witty, and hardworking man. There were many times during my teenage years that our relationship was not the best, but we worked through that...I grew up!! :) I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful father and that he loves me unconditionally.
I love you Daddy!!
Happy Father's Day!!
This picture is so special to me. It captures a moment I will never forget!

Monday, June 9, 2008

C is for...

Who doesn't like some yummy cookies? I love my Kraft Foods magazine that I receive for FREE four times a year and their website - that has all kinds of delicious and easy recipes. I decided to make some chewy chocolate peanut butter cookies from one of the Kraft magazines Sunday afternoon. We had them for dessert for a prayer gathering at our house. I thought they were delicious and they were super easy even if you don't bake on a regular basis. I just had to share the recipe.

Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:18 min
Makes:22 servings, two cookies each
1 pkg. (2-layer size) devil's food cake mix
4 oz. (1/2 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 eggs
PREHEAT oven to 375ºF. Place ingredients in large bowl. Beat with electric mixer on low speed 1 min., then beat on medium speed 1 min. or until mixture pulls away from side of bowl and forms soft dough.
SHAPE into 44 (1-inch) balls. Place, 2 inches apart, on baking sheets. Flatten each ball, in criss-cross pattern, with tines of fork dipped in sugar.
BAKE 7 to 8 min. or just until edges of cookies are set. (Do not overbake. I actually only baked them for 5 minutes.) Cool on baking sheet 2 min. Remove to wire racks; cool completely.

**You can also add chopped peanuts to the dough before shaping into balls. I made some with peanuts and some without. I prefer the ones with nuts. I just depends on your taste. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

B is for...

Busy, Busy, Busy...For those of you that don't know already...I have three jobs this summer. :) Yes...three! Doesn't that sound like fun!? I really don't mind it considering Jason is at work all day and I can only clean my house for so long before I get tired of it. :) On Mondays I am keeping two precious children, Jamie and Josh. They are Jason's cousin's two children. Jamie is a very smart and beautiful little girl that is going into the 3rd grade and Josh is a sweet, ball of energy (all boy) and he is going into Kindergarten. Their mother, Kelly, has a blog where you can find out more about them -

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I am working at a summer camp, Trekkers, at a local church - LongView Heights Baptist Church. I have only worked there two days so far because of a yucky stomach virus, but have really enjoyed getting to know the other people and children that are there. I look forward to getting to know them better. Then on Thursdays, I will be working at our church's, First Baptist of Olive Branch, Mother's Day Out program in the baby room. Doesn't that sound exciting?? :) I can't wait to love on some babies and at the end of the day...send them home. :) Some people say this will cure my baby fever and some say that it will make me have more of a baby fever. Hmmm....we'll see. :)