Tuesday, September 30, 2008

O is for...


What a great month! I love when October rolls around. It means cool weather, chili, campfires, pulling the sweaters out of the closet, decorating for a new season, and CANDY! :) It also means National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know that everyone has known someone that either has breast cancer or has had breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. The chance of developing breast cancer at some time in a woman's life is about 1 in 8. In 2008, an estimated 182,460 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the United States. I wanted to turn my blog pink to 1). make women aware of how common this form of cancer is and 2) give a shout out to all the strong women I have known that have had breast cancer. One especially is Jason's Aunt Patti! She is such a strong, godly woman who puts all of her faith and trust in the Lord. She is also a great survivor! We love you Patti! Thank you for being a great example for all women! Happy October everybody! Enjoy the great weather and decorating.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

N is for...

New Addition...to our living room.

Jason "heard" that Best Buy had televisions on sale, so we went Friday night just to "look" at them. Saturday, we had to get up and go "look" at them again. This is what we came home with. We did get a good deal on it, but we decided that this was going to be our Christmas present to each other...even though we purchased it in September. While Jason was putting it together yesterday, I told him it would be appropriate if we played Christmas music. Ha, he didn't listen to my suggestion. :) Merry Christmas...in September!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

M is for...


I bet you all didn't know that I was magic. Howard, a first grader, told me today that he knew I was magic. :) Imagine that...me magic. And to think, all I did was show him how to write the number 9. We were working on writing Touchpoint numbers that help the students add and subtract without using their fingers. When we got to the number 9, Howard was having a little trouble, so I just simply showed him how to write the number 9. I explained that it was just like writing a zero with a stick beside it. I guess it just clicked with him because after he wrote it, he said, "Mrs. Dawkins, I knew you were magic. Those glasses on your head must make you that way. (I had my sunglasses on my head from the drive to school.) I can write a perfect nine now. I am going to have to get me a pair of glasses that make me magic. Maybe I can get a pair of SpiderMan glasses and then I might could walk up walls. " I just thought this was too cute not to share. :) Gotta love those kiddos!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

L is for...

Or as Celeste (and I'm sure others) would say Poptarts. :) I recently went to Columbus for Lockheart Preference Party and had a blast. My good friend Sally was the speaker and she did an excellent job portraying the memories our pledge class made the four years we were apart of the club. It makes me so happy to know that I made bonds and memories with such great women that will last a lifetime. So...thank you to all my Lockheart sisters for being so wonderful! Lockheart love and all mine!! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

K is for...

Okay so I know that I am so far behind and it has taken me forever and a day to do these alphabet posts. :) Here is the only thing I could think of that started with the letter K for now. I know I'm not being very creative but.....
KIWI!! :)

I visited my friend Melissa, who has gone completely organic, a couple of weekends ago. She made us a scrumptious organic spaghetti dinner Saturday night and Sunday morning I had an organic kiwi for breakfast. Can I just say that it was also delicious! I decided to give this organic thing a try. I didn't know how Jason would take it at first, but to my surprise, he was actually okay with it. I went to the grocery store and bought as many organic items as I could find. Guess what one of those items was... kiwi. Jason tried this yummy fruit for the first time Saturday morning and loved it! I think we have found our first organic winner at our house. :) One down and many more to go.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

J is for


Today is my sweet husband's birthday! I thank God everyday for such a great husband. Jason is everything that I dreamed of since I was a little girl! My knight in shining armor! :) Happy Birthday Jason!!!! I hope your day is marvelous!