Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Fun with Mr. Will E. Melt! :)

Monday and Tuesday was an unexpected break with lots of snow. It started snowing Sunday night and we woke up to a blanket of the white stuff on the ground Monday morning. We got around 3 inches at our house. It was the "good" kind that stuck together so we could make a snowman. When Garrett went down for his morning nap, Jason and I went out to build a snowman, Mr. Will E. Melt, so we could get some pictures. We had to be creative when it came to the Will E.'s facial features and accessories. He was a jolly happy soul, with an oreo mouth and eyes and a carrot nose. Instead of an old silk hat, he had an old cowboy hat. He didn't begin to dance around, but he did make our sweet little boy smile. :) What a great day we had!


Dan & Amanda said...

Love the snowman and that precious baby boy! Cute pics!